Lucite became very popular for costume jewellery in the 1940s and 1950s. It was cheaper to produce than Bakelite or galalith and could be dyed and polished. Lucite was first produced at the beginning of the 1930s and was used in WW2 in aeroplanes etc. as an alternative to glass. Dupont developed Lucite for jewellery around 1937. Trifari famously used it in his Jelly Bellies. Joseph H. Meyer Bros produced their version referred to as 'Moonglow'. It could be made in a variety of shapes and colours and was popular until the 1970s. It was also made into bags, shoes and other accessories - and also into furniture. Most of the info in these notes are taken from the www.collectors article 'Vintage Lucite Jewelry' - but there is plenty of other available info on Google.

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