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This is a Butler & Wilson hand brooch with dark red nails and white diamante stones. The hand brooch has been produced several times by Butler & Wilson. I do believe this one is from the 80/90s period but I cannot be sure. Maybe one of my customers will know. This one has pointed dark red glass stones for nails and black glass stone on the cuff. The clasp is just on the hand - and does not go along the finger - as some do. The Butler & Wilson mark is on the wrist - not higher up the hand. These points identify the particular design but I have no way of telling the period! The back is not shiny like some of the later designs of brooches. It is more of a grey colour. Anyway it is a lovely brooch and would make a wonderful present! The condition is good and the measurements are about 4 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches. The are bigger examples of the hand brooch.

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