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This necklace would have been made from Jakob Bengel watch chains.  The main production of the Jakob Bengel factory around 1900 would be watch chains, fobs etc.  When the factory was cleared a lot of art deco ones were found.  The earlier ones have not been so plentiful.  I recognise the pieces and can see that the necklace is made of these earlier watch chains.  This one has a label marked "echt nichel".  The chains are quite thick and it has four pieces of red glass in frames with little brackets to keep them in place.  In the middle it has a watch fob with four pieces of blue glass. On the ends it has watch chain fittings.  It measures around 19 inches.  I think it works well as a necklace.  It is obviously made of nichel so it is not suitable for anyone with a nichel allergy.

Please note I am selling this as a necklace made up of Jakob Bengel components - but not a Jakob Bengel design.  I have left it as it was sold to me.  Please ask if you have any questions.

Ref: 2495 B117/10

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