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This is the Lea Stein woman's head brooch known as the Joan Crawford. It was first designed between 1968-80 and is very popular in my shop at Alfies Antiques in central London. This one measures approx 2 x 2 1/4 inches. The hair is in typical Lea Stein layers of red, cream and black. The face is in an ivorine colour and the jacket is in a swirley red pattern with a plainer collar. She has a black eye and red ear. This has been very complicated to make. There are about 12 separate pieces to be joined together. A lot of the pieces consist of several layers which also had to be joined together - a lot of work! It is a genuine Lea Stein - beware of the copies and the fakes. They are just not the same quality and the price is usually quite cheap. I usually have a good selection of Lea Stein brooches in my shop so if you are visiting London do call in. Full details of the shop and where it is are on the Contact Me page. Reference 3308 D31/14

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