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This is a mirror glass necklace from the Art Deco period. They are often described as Vauxhall Glass - but I prefer to reserve that term for items that actually are Vauxhall Glass. This necklace is not from the Vauxhall Glass factory but has a mirror backing giving it a very special appearance. Often these necklaces were Art Deco in style but this one has what I would describe as green flowers. I have seen it described as shamrocks or 4 leaf clover. Sometimes the pieces go all the way round and sometimes they are just at the front. This one is the standard length 16 inches and does go right round. The glass is in good condition. The metal is gold tone - probably on brass. There are some spots of discolouration on the metal but the front is fine. It is a really sparkley necklace. A small piece of chain could be added if 16 inches is too tight. I wish I could get more of these mirror glass necklaces - but they are often damaged. I love them! Ref: 3323 D36/26

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